Major League Hacking 2024 Hackathon Season


March 22-24
Polsky Exchange

MLH Code of



- Is Hacks only for undergraduate students?
- No, high school or university students are welcome to come join us!

- Do I have to be on a team?
- No, although we recommend it.

- How big can teams be?
- Up to five people.

- Do I have to pay for anything?
- Nope!

- Did you say prizes?
- Affirmative, we will be handing out various prizes to the top submissions.

- What should I bring?
- The basic thing is a laptop, and if you are planning on staying the night we recommend some additional items: a sleeping bag, change of clothes, and a toothbrush/toothpaste.

- So I don't have to stay the night?
- You do not, although we may have limitations on when people can enter and exit the venue during the night.


Friday Workshop night
6:00 pm – workshop 1
7:00 pm – workshop 2
PLEASE NOTE: there will not be sleeping accomodations for Friday night.

Day 1
9:00 am - doors open, check-in, team formation, breakfast
10:00 am - opening ceremony
10:30 am - hacking begins
12:00 pm - lunch
3:00 pm - Google Cloud workshop
4:00 pm - puzzle hunt
6:00 pm - dinner
9:00 pm - “Who did it?!” mystery competition

Day 2
12:00 am - midnight snack
8:00 am - morning meditation
9:00 am - breakfast
10:00 am - projects due, project fair
11:00 am - judge deliberation
12:00 pm - awards, closing ceremony
12:30 pm - event ends!


Welcome to Uncommon Hacks, the official hackathon of the University of Chicago! Spend 24 hours working on a project and meeting cool people in this one-of-a-kind experience! In our 2024 edition of Hacks, we're excited to bring you a sneaky who-done-it energy that will have you interrogating your bestest of friends. With an overnight component that makes for a truly unforgettable experience, it is a mystery who will survive the night.

Although Hacks will have prizes, we place more emphasis on learning and collaboration than some kind of competitive aspect. So even if you've never coded before, please do sign up! A successful Hacks team needs people with different skill sets, and if you would like to learn how to code, we'll have workshops to help you do so.

How does it work?
There are three steps: - Arrive at the hackathon and make teams. - Work on your project for 24 hours. Take a break with some activities. - Present your project to industry judges.

Coming Soon!